School History

Ballet art has been cherished in Pančevo ever since 1961, when a ballet course or education commenced within the Music School “Jovan Bandur” of Pančevo. Three ballet rooms were built in a back building of the Music School located at the address 3 Narodnog fronta St.

Since there were many interested students, and also thanks to high-quality pedagogic work of Konstadinka Dina Nikolić, a prominent ballet dancer, the ballet course was upgraded to a lower school, yet still within the music shool, in 1979. Some students of the aforementioned school are prominent ballet artists today: Ašhen Ataljanc, Marija Milanović, Ružica Jovanović etc.

Having met necessary requirements in 1995, the ballet school separated from the music school and commenced to work independently; in 2001 it was named after the renowned ballet dancer and choreographer Dimitrije Parlić.

A separate class of the School was opened in Alibunar in 1998.

Apart from Classical Ballet Department, Folk Dance Department commenced its operation in 1999 as well.

The work of a separate class of the School in Zrenjanin was approved in 2007.

Secondary School offering vocational education for classical ballet and contemporary dancers was opened in the academic year 2007/2008. In the year to come, the School was renamed to Ballet School “Dimitrije Parlić”.

Ever since the 45th Festival of Serbian Music and Ballet Schools held in Kragujevac on April 6, 2001, when students of this school won the first place in the solo and group dance category, the school was successful each consecutive year, with top rankings at Republic Contests of Serbian Ballet Schools. Based on this success, since 2009 the school has taken part in international contests in Vienna, Tanzolymp in Berlin, Premio Roma in Rome, International Contest in Varna, International Contest Mia Čorak Slavenska in Zagreb etc.

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