About Dimitrije Parlić (1919 – 1986)


The school is named after our prominent ballet dancer and coreographer Dimitrije Parlić. He attended Belgrade Acting School, and received ballet education in Vienna and Bern. He was a solo dancer at the National Theatre of Belgrade (from 1942) and thereafter the Ballet Ensemble Head and choreographer. Dimitrije Parlić was Ballet Manager at the Vienna State Opera in the period 1958 – 1962, and then also at the Rome Opera in the period 1962 – 1964. Thereafter, i.e. from 1971, he was in Belgrade again, working as a freelance artist at theaters in the country and abroad.
As a dancer he was especially inclined towards the roles established on dancing tradition of our nations (Marko in the Legend of Ohrid). Parlić withdrew from the stage due to a disease, although still having an exceptionally successful career as a choreographer. This is how he set a series of rarely seen imaginative and original ballet pieces, which has classified him among our greatest coreographers. His sets were mainly established on a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary ballet. In this way, his Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev) and Orpheus (Stravinsky) choreographies designated a new, more modern path the Belgrade ballet successfully took in the ‘50s. Other successful choreographies were: Marvelous Mandarin, Birthday of the Infanta, Anna Karenina. Parlić has especially contributed to the Development of the National Ballet Expression through the sets of Licitar Heart, Symphonic Triptych, The Legend of Ohrid, giving his best to artistically transpose beauty and variety of dances of our nations. His choreographies are performed with pleasure, and they are well received in Vienna, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Edinburgh, Brussels, Ankara, Trieste, where he also used to work successfully.

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